Tunic Sandviken Whatever

by tunic



This is a pre-listen of the Vinyl and digital release coming out in January. The mix and rough master is 98% finished. This record is compressed just fine. If you want it to be louder, turn up the volume.


released October 25, 2013

Streaming preview of (almost) final mix
Temporary Artwork by Jessica Aspeby
Rough Master by Tunic and Joakim Westlund
Produced and recorded by Tunic with Joakim Westlund



all rights reserved


tunic Sweden

Formed in the 90's Tunic has always consisted of Jessica Aspeby, Jon Perman and Olle Ohlsson. Other members have gone and gone but they didn't contribute to the songwriting or artistic direction. Tunic has been active in periods and never disbanded or quit and even though members have been living in different cities and continents, their heart remains at Kungen, Sandviken. ... more

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Track Name: How Long (Nobody Loves You)
Alone you could not tame her you cannot live to beat another day
What did you say? You never cared? Hello darkness, I’ve come to talk to you again
Oh well this was some time ago, still Your ways won’t be forgotten
Crawling out tears in your eyes, the weak in you can’t be forgiven
A note to your insanity a broken place to be who’d want to be like you
Kick and scream and cause a scene so hard to watch stupid in action

How long how low how long how low before you try
again remain insane and with closed eyes
How long how low how long before you stand your ground
and face the monster you’ve become
Track Name: Lost Control
Somewhere there I lost myself
I come home to an empty place
I know, I couldn't get it, get it out of my head
Somewhere there I lost control
I should never be left alone
cause I know i'm gonna ruin it,
fuck it up somehow

This is what you get
This is what you get

He said I'm already
I’m already
I’m already going home miss me?
I've already
I've already
I've already destroyed the things that I love

You took some time off life again
Stayed at home and hurt yourself
Cause you knew I couldn't take it
So I would get sucked in
If I could live my life again
If i could make the same mistakes
I know I would have made them
Cause they are mine to make

This is what you get
this is what you get

He said......

Spilled too many drinks in the club
Secrets slurred into the ears of the night
Some not meant for all of us to hear
There’s that crazy look in her eyes
You could not even if you tried
She will always get what she wants

Here we go again...
Here we go again...

He said I’m already
I’m already
I’m already drunk with sympathy
I’m already
I’m already
I’m already drunk with empathy
Track Name: You're Not Real
Insides turning something living putting up a fight
Can you hear me whisper to you endless sleepless nights
You’re not real still here I’m losing it
Naked exposed and scared of it

Here they come somebody cried what do you need how pure
and raw come see me now come non-existing life

Not here not in this atmosphere when fluid’s gushing out of me
Inside outside under my skin every cell is crying out
You’re too real not here I’m losing it
Naked exposed and sick of it

Here they come somebody cried what do you see how pure
and real come see me now come non-existing life

Just do what I say now how hard can it be?
Don’t touch me, don’t rob me of my integrity

You’re so real and here I’m facing it
naked exposed and craving it
You’re still here unreal I’m loving it
Naked exposed to all of this
Track Name: Breathe
Hey love what have you done?
cleaning up your act after I'm gone
The lies and the loose ends
do they fit together close enough?

thats when i feel like I breath

Hey love where have I gone
picking up the pieces of a live you once controlled
Can you not see, can you not feel
how much you stink these days?

thats when I feel like I dream
Somewhere inbetween...

Hey love what have you done?
bits and pieces of life flashes by
You're on love, choose your weapon love
the consequences will pass in time

thats where I think we agree
because I say we agree
Track Name: Whatever, Sandviken
And today I send this letter to myself
I hope one day I'll find it true for someone else

I hear your voice
I feel your touch
Is it all
just sinful thoughts

And I don't wanna stay here forever
but I'll sleep and I'll dream and I'll know its pretend and not for real

And today I read this letter to myself
full of self-deceit and lies to hide from blame

I can't be all to everyone
I can't be parts of who I am

And I don't wanna feel this forever
but I'll try, and I'll drown, and I'll find all the love you left behind

Is there anybody still alive out there
Can you see the life out there the life you made

Wheres your god
Wheres your love
is it all
just wishful thoughts

And I wish we could stay here forever
stay outside of this world
in moment where we feel like we are alive